Monday, November 26, 2012

Collectives & Coalitions! Women's Studies keeps changing!

from Emergent Culture, click for link

Tuesday 27 Oct – WORKSHOP #2 – Dynamics in Our Field of Women’s Studies
Today we will share our work poster session style: divide in two groups, and all move around talking to each other about work during the class time.  

Thursday 29 Oct – WORKSHOP #2 – Talking about it all  
LOGBOOK 3 DUE along with either paper and handout or digital picture of poster, after presentations 
Today we will have a conversation about what we learned, noticed, thought about, and draw from the last class presentations. 


Learning Analysis 300 2012 Fall

Coming up next!


  • Tuesday 4 Dec – Share Feminism/s, how? with whom? with what care? how to use the notion of an epistemological project 
  • Thursday 6 Dec – Time Machines & Boundary Objects: experiencing what’s alive! 
  • Tuesday 11 Dec – LAST DAY! Learning, sharing, making, doing, thinking, acting 


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