Friday, October 26, 2012

University Open on Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The University was closed on Monday & Tuesday, October 29 & 30, 2012.


TerpWeather on facebook said DURING THE STORM: "We may all be happy because we don't have classes tomorrow BUT it emphasizes how severe this will be. DO NOT go outside tomorrow unless absolutely necessary. We will be experiencing sustained tropical storm conditions tomorrow escalating potentially to hurricane force gusts by nightfall."

Metro will restore bus and rail service Tuesday afternoon on modified schedules, and expects to resume normal service levels (i.e. rush hour service) for Wednesday morning's commute. Metro service was suspended on Monday and part of Tuesday, details HERE.



Hi Folks! You should also have gotten an email with this same information! 

Noting that next week's classes and events could be affected by storms and weather? How will this affect our class?

What if the campus is closed? What if you cannot make it to class just yourself? What if your power goes out and you cannot do various internet related things? 

FIRST! CARE FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS! Do not do anything dangerous, AND do do what work you can, PLEASE! 

It is not a vacation, but one can only do what it is possible to do! 

Continue with the work on the syllabus! Do all the reading even if we do not meet and no matter how long we do not meet! Keep up with the syllabus, and we do on the day we return every thing we missed as well as what is due that day! We will smoosh it together! WE WILL KEEP UP WITH THE SYLLABUS AS IT IS NOW.

Doing it this way will mean we will not be required by the state to "make up" missed time -- extend our semester, or otherwise have to add more time and work into our syllabus. I assure you that this way is easier in the end. YOU WILL BE GLAD!

And actually it can be good to continue on even if you have to use a local library or whatever. Keeping to a routine can be very important when events have disruptive aspects. I have experienced doing this during hurricanes, 9/11, tornadoes, blizzards, and other big things, with and without power for as long (for me) as 10 days. It gets old really fast and the second round of disruptions trying to get back on track can be worse than the first round. 

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND OTHERS!! This matters the most! Keep on track as much as is humanly possible. Do everything on our syllabus WHETHER WE MEET OR NOT! Check our class website if possible. Help class buddies. 

Be well! Best wishes to us all!

WeatherBug forecasts here.

UMD Campus weather emergency information here.


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